Post 0

“This is just a placeholder text and as title says POST 0, its very insignificant but a step ahead to the next big POST 1

question-markI got a ‘question’, which has/will have many answers and none of them has right proof to back them. My question is the reason why people wage wars against each other, against themselves, against nature to prove something.

This Question is an answer to any other question which you ever question to yourself or to any one.

Finding answer to my ‘question involves searching deep inside an atom to outside of known or unknown universe. Whatever you see or hear or feel may contain parts of encrypted answer to my question but decryption may take a life time.

Questioning weather i am asking right question is the right question everyone should question to themselves. Asking right question may sometimes lead  you to finding answer to the true question. Why is the gravity holding between two bodies? Why is the dark energy helping the universe to expand? What is faster then light ? The answers to all these questions depends on the answer to my Question.

[To be continued…]