Welcome to my Digital Space

Thank you for visiting. My name is Jagadeesh.  I am a Network Specialist by profession. I don’t play outdoor/indoor games and i kill time reading & browsing Internet. Curious, adventurous and desire to learn something new.. that’s me.

I hope your journey through these pages will give you something to cherish later. Please be free to leave your  heart-prints, they help in making me a better person.  I live somewhere in Toronto, Canada.

A group of Atoms called Jagadeesh


Current projects : Personal NAS using a Raspberry pi, Dedicated private email server                    

Other website : ipwizard.org 

Great news!!  this site is now IPv6 compatible, changed backend to WordPress from a simple HTML page. Responsive page- can be adjusted to any screen type.More testing, more posts soon to come… work in progress…